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RowanWoodCrafts is the name of my Etsy store!


Here, I sell the kinds of Craft and pagan items that I use myself, and that I truly love. I stock almost everything that someone new to the Craft would need to set up their first altar, as well as items that are perfect for people who wish to upgrade their altar or redecorate their sacred space, once they know exactly what they need or want. So, whether someone is new to paganism or has been a magical practitioner for many years, they will, I hope, be able to find a treasured possession at my store.

Moreover, I have attempted to make my store a place where pagans, witches, magical practitioners, and shamanic practitioners will feel welcome and right at home. While it is a bit more difficult to do this online than it would be in a brick and mortar store, I nonetheless encourage this kind of atmosphere by replying to all inquiries and email promptly, and by genuinely trying to help people find exactly what they want. I love talking to and working with other pagans, and my store is a place where I have "met" many wonderful people! I only sell items that I love, and my customers seem to both realize this quickly and truly appreciate it.

My store is truly "our store," when it comes right down to it. My husband, Eric, is our photographer, shipper, and, most importantly, our master craftsman. He makes amazing and powerful wands and Elder Futhark Rune Sets, as well as gorgeous, and unique candle holders, statues, stangs, and so much more. Eric and I loved working together as professors, and we now love working together on our store.

Then, too, Eric's daughter and my beautiful step-daughter, Erika, will soon be crafting some fabulous items for our store. Erika has been an artist from birth, and she holds a BA in art, as well as a BA in Psychology and an MSW. She crafts amazing boxes, with some of the most beautiful wood burned animals, birds, and pagan symbols on them that I have ever seen, as well as equally beautiful Wheels of the Year. Hopefully, we will also soon be featuring some of her stunning pagan artwork! I am blessed to have such an extremely talented and creative family.

As an aside, for our handcrafted wood items, we collect fallen tree branches or ones that have been pruned for the benefit of the tree. Indeed, we gather all of our wood ethically and with sincere gratitude. At all times, we attempt to leave nature either better off for having us visit or untouched, as though we had never been there. We never cut wood for our store from live trees! And, if we are gifted wood by a tree, we always give a gift in return.



To find a truly-memorable and entirely-unique Wedding, or Handfasting, or Dedication, or Baptism, or Initiation gift, head over to Etsy and visit OlegWoodArt.

Oleg's carvings are absolutely stunning, and his custom carvings are amazingly accurate! For example, take a look at the two photos below this text.

The first photo is of my husband, Eric, and me, taken by a friend in November 2018, right before Eric's birthday/retirement "Pirate Party" began!

The second photo is of a custom carving of the first photo, carved by Oleg. I surprised Eric with the carving, as a very special Christmas gift--one that would bring back memories of that fabulous party, each and every time that we looked at it!

Now, imagine for a moment the surprise and joy that a carving of your Wedding or Handfasting photo would bring to your spouse/partner, or that a carving of your baby (or grand-baby) at his/her Dedication or Baptism would bring to his/her parents.

Oleg is friendly and professional, and it is a pleasure to work with him. In addition, the process of ordering a custom carving is simple. In fact, Oleg does these amazing custom carvings from only a few photos--the one that he will carve, of course, and a few others of the main subject(s). Oleg requests these additional photos to help ensure that his carving is an accurate representation of his subject(s).

While Oleg does custom carvings of humans, animals, logos, insignias, family crests, and the like, he also sells stunning and highly-realistic carvings of animals in the wild, as well as fabulous carvings of characters and events from Norse mythology.

So, if you want to surprise your beloved with a one-of-a-kind gift, stop by Oleg's Etsy store. Soon, Oleg will also have his own online store! (Yours truly wrote a great deal of the text for Oleg's new store, in exchange for a few of Oleg's carvings! As you can probably tell by now, I love his work!)

Correct Pirate Photo of Eric and Susan
Carving of Susan and Eric

Looking for Unique, Hand Crafted Wedding Rings?

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This store carries hand-crafted headpieces that would be ideal for priestesses, bridesmaids, and even brides!

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The store below carries the best quality false nails that I've ever purchased! Just be aware that the store is located in the UK, and order in time to allow time for your nails to arrive! Then, be sure to use high-quality nail glue to apply them. (I use Mia's Secret Nail Glue or Mia's Secret Nail Resin to apply my nails, from, and they are the best that I've found.)