To find a truly-memorable and entirely-unique Wedding, or Handfasting, or Dedication, or Baptism, or Initiation gift, head over to Etsy and visit OlegWoodArt.

Oleg's carvings are absolutely stunning, and his custom carvings are amazingly accurate! For example, take a look at the two photos below this text.

The first photo is of my husband, Eric, and me, taken by a friend in November 2018, right before Eric's birthday/retirement "Pirate Party" began!

The second photo is of a custom carving of the first photo, carved by Oleg. I surprised Eric with the carving, as a very special Christmas gift--one that would bring back memories of that fabulous party, each and every time that we looked at it!

Now, imagine for a moment the surprise and joy that a carving of your Wedding or Handfasting photo would bring to your spouse/partner, or that a carving of your baby (or grand-baby) at his/her Dedication or Baptism would bring to his/her parents.

Oleg is friendly and professional, and it is a pleasure to work with him. In addition, the process of ordering a custom carving is simple. In fact, Oleg does these amazing custom carvings from only a few photos--the one that he will carve, of course, and a few others of the main subject(s). Oleg requests these additional photos to help ensure that his carving is an accurate representation of his subject(s).

While Oleg does custom carvings of humans, animals, logos, insignias, family crests, and the like, he also sells stunning and highly-realistic carvings of animals in the wild, as well as fabulous carvings of characters and events from Norse mythology.

So, if you want to surprise your beloved with a one-of-a-kind gift, stop by Oleg's Etsy store. Soon, Oleg will also have his own online store! (Yours truly wrote a great deal of the text for Oleg's new store, in exchange for a few of Oleg's carvings! As you can probably tell by now, I love his work!)

Correct Pirate Photo of Eric and Susan
Carving of Susan and Eric


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