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Review: House Cleansing and Spirit Work

Susan and her husband, Eric, helped me so much, and they will forever be so special to us. Susan was very informative and truly listened to our concerns, and she helped our family so much. Our daughter is extremely sensitive and was truly scared at night for years of a spirit that "lived" in her bedroom. Susan came over, and she helped the spirit to "cross over." And since that night, our daughter has slept through the night, and hasn’t been scared once. It is so crazy how just going out on a limb of a weird feeling was all so accurate, and Susan was the only person who could help us. We are so blessed that we found her, and I would refer her to anyone--she’s just the best! -- M.G.

Review: House Cleansing and Spirit Work

Highly recommending RowanWood Rituals & Reiki!!

I recommend Susan to all of my friends and family! My friend hired her to cleanse her home, and to cross a spirit over, and everything in their home has been quiet, and there has been no more spirit activity in their home since then! I was even able to watch Susan help the spirit to cross over, and to help with my own energy!

I am very impressed with everything she does with total love and trust! Do yourself a favor, and hire her for your next ritual and Reiki needs! -- J.S.