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Review: Outdoor Wedding Ceremony (April 2021)

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony! I’m so glad I found you, it was everything I was hoping for. Everyone else truly loved it as well so thank you greatly.

Feel free to post any photos! I’ll send you some that I took too in case you’d like those as well.

Thanks again Awen your dress was beautiful by the way - great choice! Just so happy you helped make this happen. We’re very happy & will always remember our wedding day because of you guys! -- H.E.

Review: Naming & Welcoming Ceremony (October 2019)

To be honest, whenever someone asks me to review, I forget and then never do it. But this deserves a review. From the moment I met Awen, I was put at ease. Meeting people is hard for me but she was so kind and her energy was incredible. She explained everything that was going to happen for my son's blessing and even used an example to help me understand what I needed to figure out. If I had any questions, I was welcome to message her and ask and she responded promptly and kept everything professional while also making me feel at ease. She had everything laid out and ready to go when it was time for the blessing and did everything perfectly. My son was blessed by Celtic tradition and I felt the spirits move with the ceremony. I highly HIGHLY recommend using Awen for blessings of your children. If I have another kid, I will call her up and plan another with her. -- J.H.

Review: Reiki, House Cleansing & Blessing, Classes, Rituals (November 2019)

While going through a troubling and heartbroken time of life, Awen has become a significant channel of positive energy, encouragement, and love for me. Emotional healing can be such a draining process, and Awen stepped up to help me through with Reiki and a personalized home cleansing and blessing. 

Through her Reiki expertise, she has helped me to recharge myself, as it were, to continue emotional healing. She also offered tips, insights, and personalized suggestions that have been immensely helpful. She is incredibly intuitive, recognizing energetic blockages and offering ways to work through (or sometimes around) them throughout a journey of healing. 

I also had Awen perform a house cleansing and blessing for me, to remove lingering energies from someone no longer part of my life. These energies were weighing me down and preventing me from focusing on moving on. She performed a truly honest and powerful ritual to cleanse my home. My home has since felt completely my own, the energy here refreshed, and I’m so grateful for this service that was completed in such a compassionate way. 

I have already recommended Awen to several friends, and will continue to do so for any spiritual, ritual, or Reiki needs. -- K.L.B.

Review: Handfasting, Initiation & Dedication, Craft Work, Spirit Work, Cleansings & Blessings, Classes, Reiki, Rituals & Community, Divination (November 2019)

Awen has been the spiritual needs "go-to" for my wife and I since 2017! She's skilled enough to provide meaningful, personalized/specific rituals and services both at the drop of a hat and with time to plan - and she always knows when to use which approach! 

After she officiated our handfasting, her demeanor, and ample love and skill quickly brought Awen to become like a family member to us. She's been there to clear our house when we moved, she helped us navigate many spiritual shifts and turns in our lives and every.single.time has showed up with knowledge, compassion and wisdom. Awen always knew how best to approach our spiritual needs in a way that was also empowering to us. She never stood between us and the divine, but rather provided space that brought us all closer to it and each other - or at least as close as we wanted to get! There are definitely ugly things in this world/universe and we were happy to trust her to handle those!

We've gone to Awen for handfastings, house clearings/blessings, spiritual cleansings, general spiritual questions, prognostications/ individual readings, reiki healing, initiations and we've had the joy in participating in her classes. Every time we've asked for Awen's help, guidance or expertise, we got what we were looking for and more. We're very grateful to her for having so many beautiful offerings to share with us. 

We cannot recommend her highly enough with the words available to us to put on this screen. Awen is a gem in our community and we fully trust that if you seek her services, you will not only walk away satisfied, you might even walk back for more! -- C.F.

Review: Handfasting, Initiations, Classes, Craft Work, Spirit Work, Cleansings & Blessings, Rituals & Community (November 2019)

How can I say enough about the amazing work Awen does? She has a beautiful intuition about spiritual matters, but in a way that she is easily able to communicate and explain. I have had the pleasure of working with Awen several times, for energy cleansings, initiations, and ritual passings. She even performed a spontaneous handfasting for me and my partner on the fly! Whether planned or unplanned, she approaches the work each time with great intention and the proper precautions (what else would you expect from a Doctor of Ethics 🙂 ). You know you are in safe hands with Awen.

I have also had many more opportunities to experience her expertise while taking a class with her exploring Green Witchcraft. Awen is deeply knowledgeable about the craft, and is very skilled at explaining not only the what but the why of various practices. I have really enjoyed the back and forth of the discussions she leads – she knows spirituality is not a one-size-fits-all and she truly wants each and every one of us to think deeply and find the practices and beliefs that work best for us.

I highly recommend Awen for any and all your spiritual needs. In addition to being incredibly well-informed about what she does do, she is also an excellent resource for those things she does not do, and will be able to direct you to the proper place to find the support you need. So don't hesitate to reach out – you will be delighted with the experience! -- L.F.

Review: House Cleansing and Spirit Work (October 2019)

Awen and her husband, Eric, helped me so much, and they will forever be so special to us. Awen was very informative and truly listened to our concerns, and she helped our family so much. Our daughter is extremely sensitive and was truly scared at night for years of a spirit that "lived" in her bedroom. Awen came over, and she helped the spirit to "cross over." And since that night, our daughter has slept through the night, and hasn’t been scared once. It is so crazy how just going out on a limb of a weird feeling was all so accurate, and Awen was the only person who could help us. We are so blessed that we found her, and I would refer her to anyone--she’s just the best! -- M.G.

Review: House Cleansing and Spirit Work (October 2019)

Highly recommending RowanWood Rituals & Reiki!!

I recommend Awen to all of my friends and family! My friend hired her to cleanse her home, and to cross a spirit over, and everything in their home has been quiet, and there has been no more spirit activity in their home since then! I was even able to watch Awen help the spirit to cross over, and to help with my own energy!

I am very impressed with everything she does with total love and trust! Do yourself a favor, and hire her for your next ritual and Reiki needs! -- J.S.