What services do you offer?

Awen creates and performs Weddings, Handfastings, Renewals of Vows, Namings, Welcomings, Dedications, Baptisms, Initiations, House Blessings and House Cleansings.

She also schedules both Reiki sessions and Individual Readings.

At regular intervals--usually beginning in September of each year, with the last session ending by late May of each year--Awen offers Introductory classes in "The Fundamentals of the Craft" for beginners and/or solitary practitioners who wish to learn more.

These classes take place in her home in Tacoma, WA, once per week for a duration of 3 months (i.e., a "session" is approximately 3 months of once-per-week classes). In addition, in our age of COVID, Awen also offers online, classes and Independent Studies via Zoom. Students who live outside of the Tacoma area can also take classes and Independent Studies via Zoom. The costs for online classes and independent Studies are the same as they are for in-person classes and Independent Studies.

Awen also offers occasional 2-day and 3-day workshops in advanced topics.

What are your fees?

Weddings, Handfastings, and Renewals of Vows begin at $250.00, plus travel expenses, and go up from there, depending upon the options that you choose. In general, packages range from $250.00 for a small and/or simple ceremony to $750.00 for a large and/or complex ceremony.

Namings, Welcomings, Dedications, Baptisms, and Initiations begin at $200.00, plus travel expenses, and go up from there, depending upon the options that you choose. In general, packages range from $200.00 for a small and/or simple ceremony to $400.00 for a large and/or complex ceremony.

House Blessings and House Cleansings begin at $100.00, plus travel expenses, and go up from there, depending upon the options that you choose. In general, packages range from $100.00 for a small and/or simple ceremony to $300.00 for a large and/or complex ceremony.

Reiki sessions generally last for approximately one hour, and the fee is $75.00 for a single session. We do offer group discounts, however, for people who have booked other services with us. In the case of a couple who has booked a wedding, for example, Awen will perform Reiki sessions for the bride, groom, Maid of Honor, and Best Man at a reduced rate. In such a case, each session will last for 45 to 60 minutes, and the total charge will be $200.00, rather than the normal $300.00. Awen does no more than four Reiki sessions per day, however, so larger groups are encouraged to book sessions on successive days.

The fees for Individual Readings vary, depending on the complexity of the reading. In general, however, fees range from $50.00 for a simple reading to $100.00 for a complex reading.

The cost for a 3-month session of once-per-week, Introductory classes is $375.00, plus books (which generally cost between $50.00 and $75.00 on amazon.com). Fees for Intermediate and Advanced Independent Studies are generally $35.00 per hour, and each student has a one-hour Independent Study session per week. Please contact us for further information.

There will never be surprise charges or hidden fees! You will know the full cost of each of our services before you book one, or before you sign a contract for a particular service or services!

How do I schedule a ceremony or a Reiki Session or an Individual Reading, or register for a Class or Independent Study?

Simply send an email to the email address below or text the phone number below, and Awen will generally reply within 48 hours. Texting is always the quickest way to reach Awen. The email address and phone number can also be found on our Contact Us page.

Please give as much information as possible about the service in which you are interested. If you are interested in scheduling a ceremony, for example, please let us know the type of ceremony, date (if scheduled), time (if scheduled), size (if known), and so forth. Also, be sure to include your name and contact information, as well as the best days/times to reach you!

How far in advance should I schedule a ceremony?

The earlier the better! Awen performs only one ceremony per day, so you will have her complete and undivided attention. It is best, then, to get on her schedule as soon as possible.

However, we know that some ceremonies are arranged at the last minute! So, if Awen has the day that you wish to book open, and you can contact her at least two weeks in advance of the ceremony, it is often possible to book at the last minute, especially if you are interested in having a small and/or simple ceremony.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, a 20% non-refundable deposit is due at the time that the contract is signed for all ceremonies. This deposit holds your date and time, and it pays for the preliminary work that Awen does on your behalf. Awen begins work on your ceremony as soon as your contract is signed, and so the deposit covers the initial work that she performs. The complete balance is due no later than two weeks prior to the ceremony, or, if you book a ceremony that is less than two weeks away, then the full cost is due when you sign the contract.

No deposit is required for Reiki sessions or Individual Readings. Reiki sessions are paid in full at the time of service, and Individual Readings are paid in full at the time that you schedule them. Please see our Services page for full information on the payment schedule for Classes and independent Studies.

How far will Awen travel to perform ceremonies, Reiki sessions, and Individual Readings?

Awen will generally travel up to 50 miles from Tacoma, Washington to perform ceremonies, and up to 30 miles from Tacoma Washington to perform Reiki sessions and Individual Readings. However, under certain circumstances, Awen will travel farther to accommodate ceremonies, particularly those held at the most popular venues in the Tacoma/Seattle vicinity and beyond.

Awen charges 60 cents per mile for all travel--plus tolls, ferries, and parking, if applicable. There may also be a small premium for driving into or out of Seattle during rush hour.

Awen also charges a fee, which will be determined by the location of the ceremony, for accommodations and meals if she is required, because of the time of the ceremony, to obtain lodging for either the evening of the ceremony or the evening prior to the ceremony. 

Can Awen perform and solemnize legal marriages in the State of Washington?

Yes! As an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, Awen is qualified to perform and solemnize legal marriages in the State of Washington, as well as in most other U.S. states.


How do I enroll in a session of classes, or register for a workshop?

Please contact us by email at:


or by text or phone at:

(253) 905-3117 (texting is strongly encouraged!)

to inquire about enrolling for a session of classes or registering for a workshop. 

Are there prerequisites for the classes or workshops?

While there are no prerequisites for the Introductory classes or Independent Studies, Awen does require a telephone interview with all interested students before registration can take place.

In order to take one of Awen's Intermediate or Advanced Independent Studies, a student is required to have taken her Introductory class. In addition, an interview that includes a discussion of a person's experience is required to register for the Advanced Workshops.

Different levels of experience are required for the different workshops. Please contact us for further information.