Weddings, Handfastings, and Renewals of Vows

As an Independent Celebrant and Ordained Minister, Awen creates and performs magical, meaningful, and memorable Weddings, Handfastings, and Renewals of Vows--always with each individual client in mind! Awen creates the kind of ceremony that you want, according to your wishes and needs, and with your personal story, history, culture, spiritual beliefs, and traditions at the center. As an Ordained Minister, Awen is qualified to perform and solemnize legal marriages in the State of Washington, as well as in most other states in the United States.

Please see our Services section for complete information on Weddings, Handfastings, and Renewals of Vows, and our Contact Us section to begin a conversation with Awen, or to ask a question, or to request that Awen schedule a ceremony for you.

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Namings, Welcomings, Initiations, Dedications, Baptisms, House Blessings, and House Cleansings

As an Independent Celebrant and Ordained Minister, Awen creates and performs ceremonies like Namings and Welcomings to help you to formally introduce and welcome a new baby, child, or adult into a family, group of friends, and/or community. In like manner, a Welcoming or Initiation ceremony can be used to formally welcome a new member of a club, group, or organization, and to assure that individual of a personal place and standing within the larger group.

In addition, Awen creates and performs personalized Dedications and Baptisms that place your beliefs at the center, and that fulfill your spiritual and personal needs.

As an Independent Celebrant,  Awen is not bound by the rules of any particular church or religious organization. This gives her the freedom to create the kind of spiritual ceremony that is magical, meaningful, and memorable to you, and to your guests.

Finally, Awen creates and performs House Blessings and House Cleansings. If you are moving into a new house or apartment, for example, and you would like it cleansed of the negative energy that remains there from the previous owners, and/or you would like to have your new home blessed and protected against an accumulation of negative energy in the future, please contact us.

Even if you have lived in your home for years, you may be aware of the negative energy--along with its unwanted affects on you, your family, and your guests--that lingers there from difficult, challenging, saddening, or shocking times and/or events of the past.

If so, Awen can cleanse your home of that negative energy, and also help to protect it against such accumulations of negative energy in the future. And, by "home," we mean a house, apartment, condo, houseboat or live-a-board, or anywhere else that you call "home"!

As with all of Awen's ceremonies, you and your needs, wishes, hopes, and desires will take center stage!

For more information, please see our Services section, and to begin a conversation with Awen, ask questions, or request that Awen schedule a ceremony for you, please see our Contact Us page.

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Classes & Workshops

Awen offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes in Green Witchcraft and shamanic practices--which are complementary, nature-based, individualized, spiritual practices. She discusses both historical and contemporary approaches to these practices. These classes are held either in Awen's home in Tacoma, WA or, since COVID has become part of our world, by way of a Zoom online meeting.. For students who do not live in the Tacoma area, Awen offers online classes and Independent Studies, and generally meets with students once per week by way of a Zoom meeting. Once students have taken the beginning class, they are invited to take the intermediate and then advanced classes, in which Awen generally works with each student individually on the area or practice in which they have developed a particular interest and aptitude.

In these classes and Independent Studies, Awen covers the ethics of a magical practice; the importance and means of creating, strong, personal relationships with nature and the Divine--including both the Elementals and nature spirits; trusting and building one's intuition and psychic abilities; working with magic and crafting spells; the meaning and purpose of ritual throughout the Celtic Wheel of the Year; creating and maintaining an altar, as well as acquiring and using magical tools; working with ancestors and spirits; beginning shamanic practices--including journeying and meeting such guides as your power/spirit animal; and other facets of both the Craft and shamanic practices--including building and maintaining a personal relationship with any Divine beings with which students feel an affinity.

These classes focus on learning the basics as they relate to each student individually. A pagan practice centers on, and around, each individual, and on his/her relationship with nature and with the Divine. For this reason, as well as to have students learn from one another, the classes are always held in discussion, rather than in lecture, format.

In addition, Awen encourages a cooperative, non-competitive atmosphere in these classes, and, for this reason, does not give grades. Rather, she gives feedback, both oral and occasionally written, on assignments, presentations, and discussions. She asks that all students be respectful of one another's spiritual beliefs and practices, whether or not they agree on the specifics.

Towards the end of the classes, Awen offers an Initiation to those students who wish to be Initiated into Green Witchcraft. She also invites students who desire more education in their areas of special interests and/or abilities to work with her privately on advanced Craft and/or Shamanic practices.

Classes last for three months, with weekly meetings, and they cost $300. This fee covers everything except the books, which can usually be purchased through Amazon for between $50.00 and $75.00 total.

Classes end for the summer in late May, and begin again in early September. As of this writing (July 1, 2021), Awen has 1-2 openings for new students, by way of Zoom (at least to begin), for the Fall-Spring 2021 Independent Studies/Classes.

If you are interested in signing up for a class, please contact Awen by email at, or by text at 253-648-0522 (call or text; text preferred). She will let you know when the next class is scheduled to begin, and whether she is currently taking new students. Awen generally responds to all inquires within 48 hours.

Occasionally, Awen offers weekend workshops in Craft practices or in shamanic practices. These are intensive workshops, and occur at irregular intervals throughout the year. While some are designed for beginners, others are for advanced students. Contact Awen at the above email address or text number for more information.

For more information, please see our Services section.

Reiki Sessions and Individual Readings

As a Reiki Master, Awen performs full body Reiki sessions, as well as shorter sessions that focus on a particular part of the body. Awen will conduct these sessions in her special "Reiki Room" in her home, or at the homes of her clients. 

As a highly-gifted psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and empath, Awen performs Individual Readings. These readings can take place in person or long distance. Awen asks that you have a specific question in mind, and that you understand that these readings are not meant to "Tell the Future." Rather, they are meant to assist you to successfully navigate difficult situations and/or decisions; deal successfully with changes, challenges, and choices; and to accomplish your goals.

Please see our Services section for more information, or our Contact Us section to ask questions, or to request that Awen schedule a Reiki session or Individual Reading for you.

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Our Ceremonies Keep You at the Center

When you hire Awen to perform your ceremony, you can rest assured that every aspect of the ceremony will have you and your wishes, needs, desires, and choices at its core. 

Awen creates each ceremony that she performs for a particular individual or group. From the vows, to the readings, to the theme, to the spiritual aspects (if any), to the location (indoors or outside), to the size (large or small), Awen gears, designs, and creates a ceremony that will be magical, meaningful, and memorable to you and to your guests.

For more information, please see our Services section, and to contact Awen, ask questions, or request that Awen schedule a ceremony for you, please see our Contact Us section.

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Next Steps

Please see our Services section for more information on all of the ceremonies that we perform, our Reiki sessions, and our Individual Readings. 

To contact Awen to request that she schedule a ceremony, Reiki session, or Individual Reading for you, or to ask questions, or to begin a conversation with Awen, please see our Contact Us section.